Mind Of My Own, a team of ‘unfearties’

November 24, 2017

To mark the Scottish Children’s Parliament’s 21st birthday they have created an inspiring and brave band of Unfearties. The word came from Edwin Morgan’s poem. They are calling on us to be unfearties’. I think we need a bit more, we need to build a nest of them! As soon as we saw this movement we, at Mind Of My Own, knew we needed to be part of it. 
Here at Mind Of My Own we believe that all adults should become unfearties especially for those children who need it the most. Unfearties are people who are courageous in discussing children’s issues, are making a difference in children’s lives, and who are willing to speak up for, and stand alongside children.

An Unfeartie

  • Listens to children
  • Views children as capable and an asset to their communities
  • Strives to ensure children’s voices are heard
  • Challenges infringements of children’s human dignity
  • Helps children learn the values of honesty, empathy, respect and social justice
  • Promotes greater awareness and understanding of children’s rights
Being an unfeartie fits beautifully with what Mind Of My Own is all about. We make apps to help young people take action and have their views evidenced and taken account of. We want to help those children least able to have a say to be able to have their views heard. Whether this is a three year old living in an unsafe home situation, or a child in care afraid to say what’s happening in their placement, or the child with additional needs wanting to tell his teacher about something important to him they all can have a voice with Mind Of My Own.
We are a nest full of unfearties in Mind Of My Own. Perhaps you would like to join the movement too. You should! All you need is passion for making sure children are viewed in a positive way, model pro-social behaviours and stand up for children’s rights.