The VoxCon2020 Virtual Awards

May 29, 2020

Our annual awards ceremony is usually the highlight of our year. We know how much our customers enjoy coming together for a day to network and share what makes our app so successful in their organisations.

Unfortunately, like many other events and meetings, we were forced to cancel our conference this year due to COVID-19. Though it was a great shame, we weren’t deterred so easily. We took #VoxCon2020 digital.

As is tradition, our conferences include an awards ceremony to celebrate the success of organisations using our apps. This year we felt it was important to try our best to celebrate these success stories virtually instead. So we hosted the first ever ‘Virtual VoxCon2020 Awards’ online.

To kick things off we gave a special mention to organisations who have heard over 1,000 children’s voices via Mind Of My Own apps. We then went on to hand out awards for ‘Swiftest Implementation’, ‘Most Creative Comms’, ‘Greatest Use’ and more. We then finished the session with a brand new, but very special, ‘Lifetime Achievement’ award.

Check out the short awards video here, and congratulations to our shortlisted organisations and winners below!

The 1,000 Club

The organisations who have heard over 1,000 children’s voices through Mind Of My Own apps are …

  • Havering Children’s Services
  • Manchester Children’s Services
  • Gateshead Children’s Services
  • Together for Children (Sunderland Children’s Services)
  • Cambridgeshire Children’s Services
  • Lancashire Children’s Services
  • Gloucestershire Children’s Services
  • Birmingham Children’s Trust

Most improved 

This category is for the organisation that has worked the hardest to improve their performance and ensure children’s voices are a priority.

  • Coventry Children’s Services (winner)
  • Jersey (highly commended)
  • Norfolk Children’s Services
  • Lancashire Children’s Services
  • Edinburgh Children’s Services

Most Creative Mind Of My Own Comms

This was hotly contested award with brilliant examples of app promotion.

  • St Christophers Fellowship (winner)
  • Pure Care residential home (highly commended) 
  • Brighter Futures for Children
  • Bedford Children’s Services
  • Gloucestershire Children’s Services

Swiftest implementation 

This is awarded to the organisation that has implemented in quickest amount of time

  • Nottinghamshire (winner)
  • By The Bridge (Highly commended)
  • North Lanarkshire
  • Brighter Futures for Children
  • Aberdeen City
  • Thurrock

Mind Of My Own Champion of 2020

This is a special award because we asked our community to nominate a young person who has been championing our apps. Here are the nominees …

  • Em Allen
  • Tamara Lenczuk
  • Eliza Ryan
  • Louise Hart (winner)

The winner is Louise! Louise is a strong advocate for Mind Of My Own and regularly uses her app to communicate with both her Social Worker and Family Support Worker and to the meeting chair. Louise uses the app to report not only good news, but any worries she has for herself and those around her.  Louise continues to be a strong advocate for children’s rights and Mind of My Own and in the view of her workers, they feel that Louise is a good role model to others and would help to spread the word.

Greatest Use (in numbers from May 1st 2019 to April 30th 2020) 

Next up in awards is Greatest Use. For fairness we work this out by size of the service.

  • Bedford Children’s Service (winner)
  • Havering Children’s Service (Highly commended – for four years in our top five)
  • Thurrock Children’s Service
  • Coventry Children’s Service
  • Northumberland Children’s Service
  • Nottinghamshire Children’s Service
  • Pure Care Residential Home
  • City of London Children’s Service

Greatest Social Media Activity over the year 

Here are the nominees for the greatest social media activity:

  • Midlothian Children’s Service  (Winner) 
  • Coventry Children’s Service
  • Birmingham Children’s Trust
  • By The Bridge
  • Gloucestershire Children’s Service
  • SUSU Devon
  • Together for Children (Sunderland Children’s Service)

Lifetime Achievement Award

This is a new award for us. We have had amazing people that have been supporting not only Mind Of My Own but have been unwavering in their championing of young people’s voices and children’s rights.

For our first ever Lifetime Achievement, we’re proud to award Lyn Green from Gloucestershire Children’s Services.

Massive congratulations to Lyn Green! Thank you so much for all of the hard work you do for us and for the young people in Gloucestershire.