Welcome to CareTech

May 7, 2021

Working with CareTech

Mind Of My Own recently partnered with CareTech and we are extremely excited to welcome their residential care services, fostering agencies and schools to the Mind Of My Own Community.

We caught up with a residential manager from the CareTech group in the South East where they have just started using Mind Of My Own as a means to better hear the views, thoughts and feelings of the children in their care.

Opening up with the One app

The residential managers trialled One app on a young, largely uncommunicative boy who they have historically struggled to engage with. Attempts by staff to meaningfully communicate with him have been largely unsuccessful in the time he has been living there. As soon as he was introduced to One by his key worker, he immediately took to it. By navigating through the scenarios, expressing his thoughts and feelings about various aspects of his life, he started to open up about his wellbeing, even disclosing historical information about his life, the details of which his current workers were previously unaware.

“It blows my mind”

According the child’s key worker, One app “blows my mind every time I use it”. Upon starting out with Mind Of My Own, she was unsure how the children she works with would take to it, and how it would be used as part of daily practice in her home. Having seen first-hand the effect it has had on this particular boy, she can’t wait to now start using the digital participation tools with more young people.

For every child

The accessibility features baked into the functionality of the Mind Of My Own tools, such as text-to-speech, colour and font changes and translation into over 100 languages means that we offer every child the ability to share their views and feelings, no matter what their circumstance.

It’s fantastic to see the impact Mind Of My Own has had on young people within the CareTech Homes already, and we look forward to hearing how our tools are embraced and valued by children and workers within the CareTech group across the UK in the coming months.