We’ve partnered with Child Wise Australia

May 13, 2021

A pioneer in child safeguarding

We’re very pleased to announce that we have partnered with Child Wise to collaborate on amplifying the child’s voice in Australia and the UK. Child Wise is a pioneer in child safeguarding in Australia, with 30 years of experience in creating child safe organisations and communities.

We have been talking to colleagues in Australia for some time and have been keen to strike up a working relationship with like minded organisations and individuals. We were delighted when Child Wise contacted us early on in the first UK lockdown to talk about ways we could collaborate on hearing the voice of the child in Australia through the use of our digital participation tools. Both of our organisations are ambitious, child-focused and keen to continue to grow internationally, so it was a natural fit.

In partnership with Child Wise, we will now look to utilise our networks in both Australia and the UK to increase the participation of children and ensure child safety is a top priority in both countries. As both Australia and the UK continue to develop their understanding of child participation, we are ready to collaborate with any organisation that needs support.

With the widespread adoption of the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations across Australia (read our thoughts on them here), the commitment to listening to young people has never been stronger in Australia and we are excited by the potential of this partnership to help safeguard more children than ever before.

Mind Of My Own director Yvonne said,

As soon as we met the Childwise team we knew they would be ideal partners, with a mission that aligns perfectly with ours. They must be fabulous for us to look forward so much to all those 7am meetings!