What’s going on? Therapeutic stories

March 27, 2020


Renowned author, poet and mental health educator, Clare Shaw, has written a free book to help explain Covid-19 in a child friendly manner. Read about it below in our guest blog spot.

Therapeutic stories

Having read so many social media posts from parents talking about how worried their children are over the coronavirus, I wanted to do something to help. As an author of therapeutic stories, the best way I knew how was to write a book!

You can download your free copy here.

Be honest with children

The book contains some easy to understand information about the virus, reasons behind isolating and tips and ideas on how to deal with the worry and anxiety that comes with such uncertain times.

The best thing we do right now is be honest with children. They know when something is wrong and they know when we are hiding things from them. This can make them worry more. Have open conversations and answer their questions as sincerely and honestly as you can. This book can help answer some of those questions for you and start up dialogue about what is happening.

Alleviate their fears

It has been gathering some wonderful feedback so far, examples of which can be found below. I would love to get this book to all the children feeling worried right now and help alleviate some of their fears. Please feel free to share this book with anyone you believe may find it useful.

I write therapeutic stories for primary aged children and cover such topics as coping with a parent working away from home, emotional literacy and the more tricky subject of helping children through bereavement. If you want more information about me and my other titles, please visit www.cskidsbooks.com.

Beautiful and perfect

On behalf of our school community, thank you so much for so generously donating your book to share with our children and families. You will have done a lot to help and support our school family during this very uncertain time when many are feeling anxious and afraid.

Clare this is the first time I have read your work and it’s beautiful, thank you. You have such talent and a gift in the way you touch people with your words.

This is beautiful and perfect.

Thank you Clare for your generosity in sharing at this time, from everyone at Mind Of My Own