Xchange for youth justice

February 23, 2022

Complex and undetected needs

For so long we have wanted to welcome youth justice services into our community. Co-directors Yvonne and Jill have worked with young people in and around the youth justice space, finding that these are often the children with the most complex and undetected needs, having suffered significant trauma and loss and frequently living with speech and language issues or neuro-diverse conditions.

Strengths based approach

We are more than usually happy therefore to announce Xchange, our latest product, co-designed and co-produced with young people and professionals from North Yorkshire’s Youth Justice service. Xchange offers a strengths-based approach to hearing the voices of young people using youth justice and preventative services.

By understanding the child’s lived experience we can build on protective factors and strengths that exist and deliver a service that is customised to meet their needs and reduce reoffending.

Barbara Merrygold , Head of Service for Youth Justice North Yorkshire

Meeting the challenge

We have listened to colleagues in and outside of our community, who tell us how challenging it is trying to gain the authentic voice of young people involved in offending or requiring preventative work. At Mind Of My Own we are known for always trying to include the children who may be easy to overlook because hearing their true voices is difficult (see this related post on our work with Terre des Hommes).

As leaders in capturing the voice of the child we are excited to offer Xchange to help you to truly understand the lived experience of all young people using your services.

Contact us on hello@mindofmyown.org.uk to learn more and join us on our quest!


Xchange: from Mind Of My Own in partnership with North Yorkshire.