About Mind Of My Own


Better care happens when children are listened to. At Mind Of My Own we create digital tools that make this happen. We create fully accessible apps that provide a unique digital solution to advancing universal children’s rights.

We think the best thing about Mind Of My Own is that the concept was born out of our founders’ deep conviction in the value and necessity of children’s participation. We believe that young people should be able to participate fully in their care and it should be easy for them to speak up anytime they want.

Our ambition is for all children’s voices to be heard and we carefully co-produce our all our apps with young people: these are two of the reasons why Mind Of My Own is the trusted app for children’s services. Real change can only happen when we move on from consultation to meaningful involvement. 

We work hard to inform practice changes in children’s services through the use of tech and application of data analysis. We provide excellent customer service while always keeping children and young people in mind.

about Mind Of My Own

Why our customers love us


“The level of take up has been much greater and faster than I thought it would be. That’s testament to the quality of preparation, input from our teams and the Mind Of My Own team, and the quality of the product itself”

Martin Gray, Director, Stockton-on-Tees Children’s Services

“Social workers have found interventions more productive, as they have been able to gather increased direct information from young people that previously they would have been unable to ascertain”

Tim Aldridge, Director, Havering Children’s Services

“Using specific age appropriate, child centred language and pictures enables children to express themselves as they wish to. The speed of communication means that we can hear from children quickly and respond to emergencies.”

Natalie Trentham, Head of Quality Assurance and Practice Improvement, West Sussex

“In order to prioritise young people’s voices the recently introduced One app was successfully helping looked after children structure their thoughts and tell services what they want, whenever it suited them best.”

Perth & Kinross, Care Inspectorate Report

“Services to promote children’s participation are accessible, through… the Mind Of My Own apps… The young people really appreciate this in preference to the written documents that they used to complete.”

Ofsted: Gateshead Children’s Services Inspection Report

“Mind Of My Own has revolutionised our engagement with young people in care. Since we signed up to The Service Portal its increased participation in LAC reviews from 54% to 99%”

David Hamilton, Senior Social Worker, SE Trust, Northern Ireland


“Increasing use of the One and Express apps are enabling children to have an increasing voice in influencing plans for them.”

Havering Children’s Services’ Inspection Report, Ofsted

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