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A digital tool to ensure that young children and those with additional needs are heard and included

Younger children and those with additional needs sometime struggle to make themselves understood. Express helps them share their views, wishes and feelings in a fun way that’s easy for practitioners to understand.
Express is easily accessible and inclusive software that can be used by young children and those of any age with additional needs, with the support of an appropriate adult.
The children and young people who use Express are often those who have previously been excluded or their views overlooked.
Whether you support children within SEN departments in schools and colleges, or in social care and youth settings, Express helps you understand, in depth, their likes, dislikes, hopes and fears.

Key Features

Fully accessible and available in over 100 languages

Compliant with ISO27001, GDPR, ICO children’s code

Gets to the heart of challenging behaviour

Stimulates meaningful interactions

Co-produced to address the additional needs of young people

Simple text, delightful pictures and fun sounds

Easy to use with simple navigation

Standard training is the foundation for all practitioners to use Mind Of My Own with the young people they work with

How does it help your practice?

Express enables very young children and those with additional needs to participate in education, health and social care assessment, planning and reviewing.

It is specially designed to support education health and care plans (EHCP) as well as creating a one-page profile in minutes.

It is ideal for work with non-verbal children who already use simple communication tools with signs and symbols. Express is compatible with other communication tools.

Includes topics on health, education, and their daily activities and experiences

Strengths-based features

Captures young people’s lived experience

Initiates important conversations

Let’s find the best package for your organisation

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Everything you need to know about Express

How it works?

For children who cannot have their own email account, Express is generally used on the practitioner’s account. The child or young person can be supported to say what they want to say with their choices and in their own words

The child is greeted with their preferred name and an invitation to take or upload a selfie.

Allows you to add your own notes to the child’s statement
Space for uploading pictures created by the child, supporting their words

This information is received at the organisation’s Mind Of My Own admin portal where it is sent to the correct practitioner and a copy stored in the data set.

How Practitioners are using Express


“I love Mind Of My Own. Mind Of My Own apps have helped me talk about my feelings. Thank you!”

Ben, 8, Aberdeen


How Express prevents vulnerability without words

Joanne, a social worker from Nottinghamshire, shares with us how she uses Express to get to know and support non-verbal young people.


Hard to reach or easy to overlook?

Who are the children that are easy to overlook? I am talking about children with complex additional needs.