For Health Sector

Digital tools to transform the delivery of care and outcomes for your young patients and service users

Who is it for?

Practitioners across acute and urgent care settings, including paediatric health and mental health services can use Mind Of My Own with their children and young people. Your health care service will join a community of learning and practice that extends across the British Isles and overseas.
Unique insights into the lived experience of young people using your services will help you build upon their strengths as well as to detect and intervene early in any difficulties. In understanding children more deeply you will be able to develop meaningful treatment plans.
In turn this helps with both treatment concordance and the young person’s developing sense of responsibility for their own health.
Challenging behaviour, particularly among children with learning disability and/or who are autistic may be better understood so that you can respond effectively and with empathy. Those neurodivergent young people will be assisted by the advanced accessibility features, promoting their autonomy.
The digital technology will help you reach out to children and young people who may experience social exclusion because of socio-economic disadvantage or belonging to minority groups.

Our Product Offerings for the Health sector are

One app is inclusive software that empowers children and young people to participate in decisions about their health, by communicating their views to a trusted health care professional.

Express is a digital tool to ensure that the views, wishes and feelings of young children and those with additional needs are heard and included in health care services.

SHOUT provides child-friendly surveys and consultations on a wide range of topics, built from a co-produced question bank.

How does it help your practice?

Participation is a universal children’s right and Mind Of My Own provides you with a useful tool to support that entitlement.

Promoting the child’s voice in all aspects of their health and wellbeing can only enhance your relationships with young people, informing your practice and giving new perspectives for your strategic planning.

Mind Of My Own enables you to capture and act upon safeguarding concerns. You can also encourage self-care and self-management, supporting the child’s agency and building their self reliance.

The data workbook will allow you to evaluate impact and track the effectiveness of your interventions.

More about our products

Easy to integrate with management systems

Reduces paper work

Adds authentic information to the young person’s records, in their own words

Data workbooks give managers real time authentic data from young people, organised into themes and again shown in easy-to-read graphs, charts and tables.

Co-produced with young people and practitioners in social care services.

Fully accessible and available in over 100 languages 
Compliant with ISO27001, GDPR, ICO childrens code

One app account available to download on iOS, Android & Google

A cross-country systematic review into social participation in mental health services found that participation resulted in better social relationships and less reliance upon formal treatments for users of mental health services.

Webber, M., & Fendt- Newlin, M. (2017)A review of social participation interventions for people with mental health problems. Soc Psychiatry Psychiatr Epidemiol. 2017; 52(4): 369–380.