For Youth Justice

Instead of being managed and corrected, our digital participation tools help young people in youth justice start the journey of agency and self control.

Who is it for?

Practitioners in youth justice, early intervention services, such as early help social care and others in criminal justice including defence lawyers.
Particularly helpful for criminal justice practitioners who lack experience in working with children.
Young people who come into contact with criminal justice.
Young people who have committed a criminal offence, or are considered at risk of offending.

Our Product Offerings for the Youth Justice sector are

Xchange is the first digital participation tool to hear the authentic voices of young people using youth justice services

SHOUT provides child-friendly surveys and consultations on a wide range of topics, built from a co-produced question bank.

SHOUT consultations in social care settings have illuminated the views of populations of young people on diverse topics including peer-on-peer abuse, attitudes and behaviour around drugs, alcohol and identity.

How does it help your practice?

Gives young people the opportunity to reveal details about their lives and express their views, wishes and feelings safely.

Creates a context in which the young person can reflect on their experiences and the impact of their actions

Demonstrates to the youth justice practitioner how far the young person has come.

Helps the youth justice practitioner to understand the young person’s world more clearly.

Is a safe and private space in which the young person can answer probing questions about drugs and alcohol use and lifestyle choices.

Supports the work of youth justice practitioners in preparing documents for court proceedings.

More about our products

Easy to integrate with management systems

Reduces paper work

Adds authentic information to the young person’s records, in their own words

Data workbooks give managers real time authentic data from young people in youth justice services, organised into themes and again shown in easy-to-read graphs, charts and tables.

Co-produced with young people and practitioners in youth justice services.

Fully accessible and available in over 100 languages 
Compliant with ISO27001, GDPR, ICO childrens code

One app account available to download on iOS, Android & Google

“Xchange is used to gain an understanding of the young person’s perspective which helps us target our services at an early stage, preventing escalation or further offending. This protects the public from harm and makes for much better outcomes for young people”

Barbara Merrygold, Head of Service Youth Justice, North Yorkshire