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Inclusive one-stop shop that directs people to their entitlements, resources, local events and support services

My Best Life

My Best Life is accessible software co-produced with NPC and multiple UK Local Authorities. It signposts people directly to the services they need. It is a comprehensive directory of services, supports and activities available in your local area for all children, young people and their families.
This digital solution to the one-stop shop enables children and families to tailor content precisely to their needs, pointing them to relevant support services in their area and offering useful information. A true digital family hub, My Best Life signposts to all your children and families’ services from one place, with the ability to display your local offers, housing, health and wellbeing services and many more.

Who is it for?

End-to-end solution for Digital Family Hubs, SEND and Care Leaver Core offer and Family Information Services (FIS) directory, with Ofsted Feed Integration
Councils looking for a reliable and up-to-date, user-friendly directory of their local services and activities.
Service providers that need to promote what they do to everyone in the locality and ensure no one is overlooked.
Children and families who are seeking support, services or activities that are suited specifically to them and their needs.

Key Features

Fully accessible and available in over 100 languages

Compliant with ISO27001, ISO9001, GDPR, ICO children’s code

One stop solution for signposting all events and activities,  useful information and guidance, and directory of service.

Ofsted Integration

Online booking service, with features including filtering, invitation to review, rate an event, ask questions, make payment, share on social media.

Co-designed with adults and young people using services

Co-produced with NPC, Sunderland Together for Children and Salford.

How does it help your practice?

One single directory for all your services: the smart way to signpost people.

Engage with hard to reach families through the various accessible features of this website

One uniform way of presenting the range of local services to children and families and to track interest, usage and outcomes

Well designed admin access, making it easy and quick for providers to upload their own events and details.

Let’s find the best package for your organisation

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Everything you need to know about My Best Life

How it works?

My Best Life Admin

Both the council and local providers can easily update My Best Life with their latest events, information and resources.

In return they can access real time reporting, including how many people are attending meetings or events, what feedback and ratings people are giving and which events and activities are more popular.

My Best Life Website

Go to My Best Life website.
Children and families can find out about all the upcoming events in their council and local area.

They can filter the results based on their unique, personal needs and wishes. Filters include age groups, location, personal interest, topics available and whether an event is free or paid for.

They can:
-register for the event and pay.
-leave feedback
-share with friends or relatives.

How Practitioners are using My Best Life


“My Best Life has helped us share our local services with the families and children that need them most. It is a brilliant way to have all our support resources in one place-easy for families and young people and for the local authority too.”

Melissa McArthur, Lead Commissioner
Children’s Services, Lambeth Council


Transforming Family Hubs with Digital Innovation

Digitising Family Hubs isn’t just about replacing old methods; it’s about creating new connections and building more robust, resilient communities.


My Best Life: Better local support for young people and families

At Mind Of My Own, we have had an exciting start to the year as we have been working hard on our new Product, My Best Life.