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The first digital participation tool to hear the authentic voices of young people using youth justice services

Xchange is a strengths-based participation tool that helps youth justice services to understand the young person and their world. Co-designed and co-produced with North Yorkshire’s youth justice service, Xchange helps you understand the risk and resilience factors present in young people’s lives.
Xchange enables young people to tell their youth justice workers about things that are important to them, so they can play an active role in decision making and shaping their own future.
In describing the context in which young people are at risk of re-offending, Xchange creates opportunities for early intervention. Scaling questions enable you to see the distance travelled in your work with each young person.
The simplicity of the app’s appealing graphics and uncomplicated language makes it instantly more engaging than long paper-based questionnaires.
The core features have been designed for use both in preventative services and with young people already involved in criminal proceedings.

Key Features

Fully accessible and available in over 100 languages

Compliant with ISO27001, GDPR, ICO children’s code

Provides rich, real-time data

Creates evidence to transform practice and build resilient services

Strength Based

Simplified format for all levels of literacy

Confronts challenging issues

Access to crisis support on every screen

Co-designed with youth justice practitioners

Tested with young people from youth justice services.

How does it help your practice

Assists youth justice services to identify safeguarding and risk factors early to enable timely and appropriate interventions

Encourages introspection and self-reflection in young people who have offended or are on the edge of offending

Xchange is in direct contrast to traditional adult-led, deficit-facing practices by offering the young person’s perspective on their own life.

Statements from young people get the sent into the practitioner’s inbox

Easy to integrate with management systems

Reduces paper work

Adds authentic information to the young person’s case records, in their own words

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Everything you need to know about Xchange

How it works?



Young person signs up for an account on Xchange and selects the organisation they are part of.

They choose a topic that is important in that moment.

They are guided through structured prompts.

Once the young person has said all they want to, they can send the information to their choice of practitioner.



This information is received at the organisation’s Mind Of My Own admin portal where it is sent to the correct practitioner and a copy stored in the data set.


Practitioner Space

Each practitioner has their own account where they can see what young people have sent to them.

The practitioner responds to the young person and stores the information on the organisation’s record system.

How Practitioners are using Xchange


“I got myself in way too deep and didn’t know how to get out of it. I finally found a way of telling my worker and it’s really helped”

Sammy, 14 yrs


Digital Participation At The Heart Of Early Intervention

The number of children in the criminal justice system has dropped significantly over the past 15 years. According to the National Audit Office, the average number of young people in custody fell by 73% in the decade up to 2021.


“Xchange is used to gain an understanding of the young person’s perspective which helps us target our services at an early stage, preventing escalation or further offending. This protects the public from harm and makes for much better outcomes for young people”

Barbara Merrygold, Head of Service Youth Justice, North Yorkshire