For Social Care Sector

Choose the app that meets the need of any child you work with, across your social care services

Who is it for?

As a practitioner working in services for children, your practice and direct work will be enhanced by introducing Mind Of My Own apps to your young people. One app will suit those young people who can sign up for their own account, while Express is designed to benefit very young children and those with additional needs, who can be supported by you to use it.
If you work in youth justice, Xchange has been created specifically for the young people you work with and, vitally, allows the young person’s voice to shine through your assessments and reports.
If you need a snapshot of children’s views about any topic, or feedback about services received, you will love SHOUT, our specifically designed, child-friendly survey tool.

Our Product Offerings for the Social Care sector are

One app encourages young people to participate at key points in their lives by communicating their views to a trusted practitioner involved in their care.

Express will help you ensure that the views, wishes and feelings of young children and those with additional needs are heard and included.

Xchange is the first digital participation tool to facilitate the authentic voices of young people using youth justice services.

SHOUT provides child-friendly surveys and consultations on a wide range of topics, built from a co-produced question bank.

SHOUT consultations in social care settings have illuminated the views of populations of young people on diverse topics including peer-on-peer abuse, attitudes and behaviour around drugs, alcohol and identity.

How does it help your practice?

One, Express and Xchange all facilitate meaningful conversations by helping young people structure their thoughts and express their views before sending their statement as a PDF that can be attached easily to their case records. No more admin is needed: it takes seconds!

Because all Mind Of My Own statements are uploaded to the child’s case record, there will be a golden thread of that child’s voice, adding positive information, which is so needed as part of their life story.

Mind Of My Own enables you to capture the child’s views around safeguarding concerns, including their own assessment of risk. You can help young people track their mental health and wellbeing, helping to build resilience. Statutory meetings, which can have such long lasting effects on the child’s life, will be enhanced by the inclusion of the child’s authentic views, unforced and uncontrived.

When you need to understand a wide selection of views and opinions about your services and other topics that concern young people, SHOUT is the perfect tool. SHOUT is child-friendly with familiar graphics that break up the text of succinct questionnaires drawn from a co-produced question bank. From inception to final report can be a few days to two or three weeks – the results are sent to you as easy to understand charts and tables with accompanying narrative.

More about our products

Easy to integrate with management systems

Reduces paper work

Adds authentic information to the young person’s records, in their own words

Data workbooks give managers real time authentic data from young people, organised into themes and again shown in easy-to-read graphs, charts and tables.

Co-produced with young people and practitioners in social care services.

Fully accessible and available in over 100 languages 
Compliant with ISO27001, GDPR, ICO childrens code

One app account available to download on iOS, Android & Google

“It is usually difficult to engage with my young person (age 12), but I found Mind Of My Own to be a very powerful tool to create a conversation and gather her views. When asked questions such as ‘what makes you angry’ and ‘what makes you sad’, she was very vocal about her thoughts and was able to get a lot off her chest. I am now working closely with her to address these feelings and how I can support her.”

Project Worker