Founder & Director

Jill Thorburn

With over 25 years of experience in social work leadership, Jill understands the power of revolutionary technology to improve practice. Jill oversees partnerships, revenue and sustainability.

Founder & Director

Yvonne Anderson

Co-founder of Mind Of My Own, Yvonne worked in education, social care and health, in public, private and voluntary sectors. She’s very keen on equality.

Non-Executive Director

Mary McKenna

Mary is a well known technology entrepreneur and angel investor.  She co-founded the very successful public sector focused e-learning company Learning Pool.

Non-Executive Director

Chand Chudasama

Chand is a strategy and corporate finance advisor. He is also a Partner at an accountancy and advisory firm and supports a portfolio of highgrowth businesses.

Chief Executive

Hunter Jones

Hunter joined to help drive the company mission of advancing universal children’s rights. His passion lies in developing technology and services that are accessible and make positive change for all.

Sales Director

Natalie Ward

Natalie brings over 15 years of sales and sales leadership experience from leading tech firms. Joining Mind Of My Own to advance the tech4good mission, she directs and guides the sales team.

Profile Picture of Tom Cella
Product Director

Tom Cella

Tom leads on all aspects of producing our apps, from user research through to managing the development sprints. He has worked at the intersection of technology and social purpose for the past 7 years.

Account Manager

Alex Hurst

From a background in Psychology and working with international organisations across education and technology, Alex manages customers across England from London boroughs to nationwide providers.

Finance Manager and Business Support Co-ordinator

Amanda Mieras

Amanda‘s work covers two main areas Finance Manager handling the day-to-day of the business. Quality Management Administrator spearheading the ISO 9001 certification achieving the highest level of conformity.

Profile picture of Ashleigh
Community and Engagement Lead

Ashleigh Farquhar

Ashleigh takes the lead on engaging with and growing our community of users in the UK. Having worked in children’s services previously, her passion lies in amplifying the voice of every young person.

Account Manager

Charlotte Brannigan

Charlotte manages all the customer accounts in the North of England. She takes a lead in implementing Xchange, our youth justice app.

Ed Perkins Profile Pic
Lead Developer

Ed Perkins

Originally from an arts and education background, Ed brings a diverse range of experience and skills to our product team with a focus on people-first processes and emotional intelligence.

Content & Design Manager

Elspeth Coutts

Elspeth manages all marketing materials and resources. With expertise in visual content and graphic design, she brings diverse experience from various startups, ranging from textiles to tech.

SHOUT Product Manager

Fin Henderson

Fin leads on our SHOUT product, working with customer organisations to gather meaningful data and helping them shape practice around the voice of young people..

Account Executive

Louise McGinty

Louise’s specialist role is engaging with schools and departments for children with additional needs, developing our business in the education sector and adding to the diversity of our community. She also engages with local authorities to subscribe to our apps.

Account Executive

Oliver Mellor

Olly specialises in growing our community. Originally from a tech sales background, he made the move to Mind Of My Own to support our mission of advancing universal children’s rights.

Account Manager

Melissa Hull

Melissa joined Mind Of My Own to manage our Scottish, Welsh, and Channel Island partners. She has a wealth of voluntary experience working with young people for national charities and advice services.

Account manager

Rebecca Kirby

Rebecca manages the customer accounts in the South of England and has a broad background in both health, developing guidelines for best practice, and hospitality.

Rob Profile Pic
Lead developer

Rob Preus-MacLaren

Rob is an experienced lead developer with an emphasis on code-for-humans. Passionate about tech and systems design, he brings innovation and continuous learning to our product team.

Information Security Administrator & Business support

Roz Allan

Roz’s manages our information security management system, ensuring continued certification with ISO27001 and how it links to ISO9001. Roz also supports all implementations of new customers.

Account Executive

Susy Carioni

Susy focuses on expanding our community within local authorities, residential homes and fostering agencies. Born and raised in Italy, she moved to the UK in her mid-twenties.

Peter Wallace Headshot
Financial Director

Peter Wallace

Financial Director

Peter is an experienced CFO, having qualified with Ernst and Young. He brings a wealth of financial direction, commercial management, and fundraising experience, and is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants.

Design Lead – Service Design

Vinishree Solanki

She is a multi-disciplinary designer and leads Service Design, User Research through co-production, and UX of  Mind of My Own products. She enhances the product ecosystems for social impact, by intersecting technology, business needs and design.

Expert Consultant and Trainer

Natalie Trentham

Natalie has worked in Children’s Social Care for over 35 years, working across sectors as a practitioner, senior manager and Ofsted Inspector.


Avril Howarth

Avril has over 20 years experience as a senior manager in the fields of Education, Health and Social Care, the Voluntary and Community Sector.


Jane Wheeler

Jane worked for 18 years within Children’s Services within both Early Help and Children’s Social Care leading on involving children and young people in decision making about their own lives and also on the services they receive.


Megan Geddes

Megan is a trainer for Mind Of My Own and has 12 years of experience in residential childcare and loves being involved in anything participation. Megan continues to be an operational lead in her organisation giving dual learning to those she is training in her sessions.


Nicola Higham

Nicola has over 20 years experience working with children and families as a social worker manager and as a strategic lead in residential care

Profile Picture of Arlene Kyle

Arlene Kyle

Before becoming a trainer for Mind Of My Own, Arlene was managing director for a residential childcare company that supported children and young people affected by trauma, abuse and neglect.

profile picture

Zobia Ahmed

Zobia has a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Activism and Documentary Photography from the University of Wales Trinity Saint David. A woman of Kashmiri descent and a care leaver with extensive experience, she is passionate about documenting the vibrant lives we lead and recounting stories. She was exposed to the camera’s potential at a young age as a result of the conflict and adversity that characterised the Kashmiri region. Her work spans internationally, as she aspires to use her lens to provide a voice to the voiceless and to contribute to the ever-evolving planet we call home. If you are in search of a photographer, check out her website or @zobishoots on Instagram.