Shout is Mind Of My Own’s survey package, designed to help organisations to understand and act upon people’s candid evaluation of the services they receive. Organisations can choose from an extensive bank of co-produced questions on a range of topics such as wellbeing, safety, education, service improvement and much more. Up to three studies per year can be customised so you can gauge the lived impact for people of using your services.
Fully accessible coproduced survey, available as standard with 100+ languages. Each licence gives access to question banks for up to 3 surveys a year. Shout is fully secure and safe and is ISO 27001 compliant. 
For every completed study the organisation will receive a comprehensive report and analysis of the findings, as well as the raw results in a data download. The cumulative views and feelings shared by the people using your services are visualised as appealing graphics that can easily be understood.  
Use Shout as your preferred, fully accessible measure for a reliable and accurate snapshot of people’s estimation of your services.

“I love the empathetic interface.”

Kelly, 16 yrs, London Borough

“My motivation is knowing that my views will make change happen.”

Hassan, 15 yrs, London Borough

Turn Words Into Action

Shout Pro takes your survey evidence to the next level by including children and young people as improvement partners. Mind Of My Own will deliver a tailored workshop following the analysed survey results, with selected children and young people to co-design service improvements in planning your next steps driving change and transforming practice.

Shout Pro will give you access to additional questions for audiences including carers, birth children and staff to gather meaningful insights into your services. This is the 360-degree view that organisations need to demonstrate to inspectors, apply for funding opportunities, write impact assessments and allocate limited resources to drive impactful improvements.

Pricing and Benefits


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