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The One app is our flagship app developed to help young people communicate their views in a way that suits them. Young people can create their own accounts, which can be used on any device at any time. This means that young people can use One app to say how they are feeling and what they need, in a way that suits them.

The One app enables young people to be more actively involved in their lives. An accessible and empowering way for young people to tell their workers about things that are important to them, while always being in control of their own data. This helps workers understand young people better, saves them time and can be used to better evidence young people’s views.

It includes scenarios that allow young people to share information important to them, prepare for statutory meetings, report problems and share their good news whenever they want to share. One app is fully accessible and available in over 100 languages.

“I find speaking in this way much easier. It’s revolutionary.”

Kelly, 14 yrs, North England

“I finally found a way to tell someone what was happening to me. I got help.”

Ali, 10 yrs, London Borough

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