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6000 Voices

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Since SHOUT’s first sale in 2021, Mind Of My Own’s service feedback tool has developed by leaps and bounds. February 2024 has hit the remarkable milestone that SHOUT has gathered the views of over 6000 responses from young people across the UK, Europe and New Zealand. A figure that is expected to double by the end of the year and grow exponentially year on year. Utilising Mind Of My Own’s depth of knowledge of capturing the voice of the Child, SHOUT is increasingly seen by local authorities and youth organisations as the go-to choice for collecting large-scale feedback from young people.

Asking young people their opinion

The London Borough of Havering has recently used SHOUT as the face of its 2023 budget consultation for young people. Over just 3 weeks, 400+ young people between the ages of 7-18 were asked their opinions about complex spending decisions and their implications. The final body of evidence of young people’s opinions has been put in front of local councillors and will play a role in shaping financial decision-making in Havering. It will act as a counterbalance, emphasising the effects certain decisions can have on young people within the borough.

Across the country, the Local Authority of Sefton has deployed SHOUT as a key tool in developing their Child and Young People’s plan. After months of careful deliberation over the survey questions, planning implementation and gathering wide-ranging support, the team in Sefton are expecting to collect thousands of insights from young people from Bootle to Southport.

Internationally, SHOUT is being used for an exciting project with the European youth justice organisation Terres Des Homme. Over a 9-month project, the SHOUT team is leading on co-producing a set of surveys with four countries, Romania, Estonia, Greece and The Netherlands. The goal is to create an assessment tool that will report on the use of Restorative Justice within each country, displaying where great practice is being deployed and identifying areas where policymakers can target resources to drive improvement.

As 2024 develops so will SHOUT. What started as just a survey platform is steadily evolving into a research service with an ever-growing set of expertise and resources tailored to public organisations looking for insights, contributions and feedback from the young people they serve. If your organisation is needing to find a way of effectively participating with the young people you work with, perhaps the SHOUT team at Mind Of My Own are the missing piece of the puzzle.

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