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Back to School for New Zealand and Australia

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As January draws to a close, our community in Australia and New Zealand are gearing up to go back to school. Amidst the buzz of new classrooms, teachers, and friendships, it’s important to acknowledge that many young people and little people will be returning with feelings of anxiety.

Anxiety can be triggered from many areas, including the unknowns of new classes and expectations, the impact of major events such as the recent devastating floods, and exposure to distressing news stories on TV and social media.

New Year, New Opportunities

A new year brings the opportunity to start new habits and ways of being & relating. Creating safe spaces and opportunities to connect, laugh, and normalise big feelings, all help students thrive. Mindfulness, regular movement breaks, and belly or star breathing are all great skills to model and teach during this time. Here are a few ways to foster a supportive environment:

It’s ok if you don’t understand

Create spaces for open discussions about recent events and their impact. The world can be a scary place and social media churns out a lot of content and misinformation. Let young people know that it’s okay to ask questions and share their thoughts and feelings.

Sharing confidentially

For some, asking questions as part of a group discussion, or even in person, can be challenging. Practical options like anonymous question jars can be a great way for children to confidently ask questions. Tools like our One App can also be an effective way for a young person to share their opinion and play a pivotal role in helping young people communicate their feelings.

Let’s go!

As the new academic year kicks off, let’s think more about communication, community support, and new approaches so we can help young people feel heard, understood, and unafraid to ask questions about the world around them. Here’s to a successful and empathetic school year.