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How To Keep a Promise – Voxcon Glasgow 2023 debrief

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Earlier this month, we welcomed practitioners using Mind Of My Own across different children’s services in Scotland to our annual Voxcon Glasgow conference. The day consisted of workshops and networking amongst our community, and thanks to a variety of guest speakers, share ways of supporting young people across Scotland and beyond

The trauma of failed relationships

James Docherty, Community Justice Advisor for Community Justice Scotland and the day’s keynote speaker outlined, “If you’re dealing with outcomes, you’re not dealing with relationships.” Instead, we can begin with understanding one’s connection to those around them and acknowledging the trauma that comes from relationships we don’t get right. James reinforced the need for young people to have tools that help empower the individual to make sense of their relationship with others and advocate for themselves.

Keeping The Promise

James also explained, “The voice of the young person must be front and centre”, a vision shared in The Promise for transforming the futures of young people and communities throughout Scotland. So, what is happening now to enact positive change?

The Each and Every Child initiative is helping to shift public understanding around care and care experience. By tackling stigma and discrimination, this lays the foundation for The Promise to be supported and enacted at scale for the long-term. We also heard from leaders at Kibble on how they are embracing the input of young people on all aspects of the services they use, which has led to a true sense of shared community and trusted relationships between young people and adults.

Hope for the future

In such a complex and changing world, positive change is still happening and forging a better future for Scottish families. Whatever the means to getting there, it must continue with a platform for a voice and for the voice to be heard by someone who cares and is trusted. After all, how else can a promise stand to be kept?