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SHOUT about your Care Experience

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Throughout our work amplifying the voices of young people, one recurring theme stands out: Local Authorities need to gauge young people’s readiness for adulthood, and how effectively their services prepared them for the journey ahead. Recognising this crucial need, Mind Of My Own has developed ‘SHOUT about your Care Experience’, a ground-breaking survey tool designed to capture the experiences of care-experienced young individuals as they transition out of care provision.

Recognising the needs

Utilising years of experience collaborating closely with leaving care services, Mind Of My Own have developed ‘SHOUT about your Care Experience’ to be a reliable and repeatable survey, meticulously crafted to offer insights into the unique challenges and triumphs of care leavers. This innovative tool addresses vital questions surrounding readiness for adulthood, influence over Pathway Plans, and their knowledge of support networks, providing local authorities with invaluable feedback to enhance their practice.

Amplify voices

Each iteration of SHOUT brings new lessons and insights, with the team continually refining the survey based on real-world feedback. Having been deployed in numerous local authorities across the UK, SHOUT offers more than just a set of questions; it provides a comprehensive toolkit for gathering data effectively. Alongside expertly curated questions, SHOUT offers visually appealing graphics and a wealth of resources, including advice on best practices to maximize survey return rates.

At its core, ‘SHOUT about your Care Experience’ represents a paradigm shift in how leaving care services engage with care-experienced young individuals. By amplifying their voices and experiences, SHOUT empowers local authorities to tailor their support services effectively, enhancing the care journey for future generations.

SHOUT is not just a survey tool; it’s a catalyst for positive change, enabling local authorities to better understand and address the needs of care leavers across the UK. Contact us today to learn more about how this tool can feed into your practice: