Trusted by young people and children

Young people and children can often feel like their voices are going unheard. One young person explained to us how Mind Of My Own helps reassure her that her opinions are not only being heard but also accounted for.

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One app encourages young people to participate at key points in their lives by communicating their views to a trusted practitioner involved in their care.

Express will help you ensure that the views, wishes and feelings of young children and those with additional needs are heard and included.

Xchange is the first digital participation tool to facilitate the authentic voices of young people using youth justice services.

SHOUT provides child-friendly surveys and consultations on a wide range of topics, built from a co-produced question bank.

SHOUT consultations in social care settings have illuminated the views of populations of young people on diverse topics including peer-on-peer abuse, attitudes and behaviour around drugs, alcohol and identity.