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The return on your investment

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Mind Of My Own promotes early intervention

By helping children to speak up, Mind Of My Own promotes early intervention like this:

  • The young person is enabled to share risk and resilience factors in their lives with someone they trust and have confidence in.
  • This alerts the service to concerns, including potential abuse, much sooner so that practitioners can put early supports in place that promote and sustain children remaining safely within their families.
  • Unnecessary placements can be averted and placement breakdowns avoided.

Real cost savings

Given the average weekly cost of a child in residential care is estimated as £5,000, rising to £10,000 or more for urgent or emergency placements, then Mind Of My Own can feasibly save £60,000 – £120,000 in one year from one child’s communication to a trusted practitioner, using One or Express.

For mandatory processes such as preparing for review meetings, return from missing interviews and child protection conferences, using Mind Of My Own means the practitioner can upload the child’s views to their casefile in minutes, saving time on typing up handwritten notes. At a conservative estimate this would save 5 days per social worker per year. In a service comprising 50 social workers, the council could save £33,654 per year.

Those who are not confident in reading or writing English are able to use text to speech and instant translation into 130 languages on all our apps. This not only saves the costs of translation at £20-40 per hour, but is also immediate, with no need for booking and arranging interpreters.

Richer young lives

A subscription to Mind Of My Own is a financial and social investment, offering rich returns for children, young people and for the services they use. While using our apps saves money for local authorities and other providers, Mind Of My Own also enhances young people’s sense of self, their wellbeing and their developing autonomy and agency in managing their own lives.