Voxcon 2024 is here…

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The arrival of spring spells excitement at Mind Of My Own.

Not because the days are getting longer or Easter eggs fill the shelves (of course this is great nonetheless!)… it’s because it means our annual conference – Voxcon – is just around the corner!

Voxcon celebrates children, young people and leaders in children’s social care. It’s an opportunity to share ideas, collaborate, and ignite real change. It’s where we come together to ensure young voices are not just heard but celebrated. It’s our favourite day in the Mind Of My Own calendar.

On May 16th – we’re thrilled to welcome 100 leaders from Children’s social care to St. Peter’s Square, Manchester. Lads Like Us head the bill of our keynote speakers. Growing up in Manchester, Danny and Mike have powerful personal insights into the care system, childhood trauma, and its impact on young people. Through their experiences, they’ve become champions for resilience and redemption, showing us that recovery is not just possible but transformative.

Moreover, they’ve been spearheading “The Million Pieces Training Experience,” – a game changer in trauma-informed practice. Their journey embodies the spirit of Voxcon – resilience, redemption, and a relentless advocacy for young people. We will have more information on other talks and workshops ahead of the event.

But Voxcon isn’t just about speeches; it’s about action. Through workshops, discussions, and hands-on activities, attendees will gain practical tools to champion participation in their services.

In a world where young voices often go unheard, we want Voxcon to be a reminder that together, we can create environments where every young person feels valued and empowered.

So, mark your calendars – Voxcon is here.

Please get in touch with if you’d like to attend.