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At Mind Of My Own we create apps that give children a voice.

Mind Of My Own

Mind Of My Own apps give young people an instant and convenient way to express their views, wishes and feelings, and social workers a smart way to record them.

The Service Portal  helps your service to implement the apps into your direct work and analyse the aggregated data they generate.

Our products are safe, private, secure and ISO27001 certified.

One App helps young people communicate their views in a way that suits them. Young people create their own account, which can be used on any device at any time. This means that young people can use  One App to say how they are feeling, what support they need and tell their worker about things that are important to them.

All children should have their voices heard. This is especially the case for those with a learning disability and younger children. Express is a co-designed, innovative and user-friendly app that helps children express their views, wishes and feelings in a fun digital way that’s easy for workers to understand and evidence. Express is the perfect way to gather children’s views for their Education, Health and Care plans (EHCP).

A secure service dashboard where designated workers are able to view and download performance data, app metrics and an overview of the information that children have provided to the organisation. The simple functionality helps organisations ensure the children’s views are delivered swiftly to their named worker.

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