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Somerset care council lead the way with MOMO

The more we implement our apps the clearer it becomes that care leavers and care councils must be at the heart of your MOMO implementation. Almost half of the organisations we work with have asked for help from their young people in one form or another to embed MOMO across their services. Unsurprisingly to us,… Read more »

Mac & Cheese

Team MOMO headed north last week for our first tour of Scotland. Transport delays meant we rushed across Glasgow just in time to visit Celcis. We were excited to tell them about MOMO apps and that we have our first local authority, Perth and Kinross going live in Scotland next month. Having worked in Scotland… Read more »

How social workers use MOMO: A video tutorial from Havering

It’s no secret that social workers use MOMO in Havering Children’s Services. They are one of the most successful organisations using MOMO. In fact, in the last 8 months alone they have received over 290 statements from children and young people. We spoke with Aloisia Masundire, a social worker in Havering. She tells us how… Read more »

What Have Hurling And MOMO Got In Common? (+Video)

What happens when MOMO wins a local award and then that local organisation gets selected for an International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare? We go visit of course! Last week I went to meet David Hamilton, MOMO’s first Irish champion, to catch up on his team’s progress with the app and learn about the… Read more »

Children’s Rights: My 35 Year Experience

It was 1979 and I was a young teacher in a rural secondary school. My turn had come to do “The Morning Broadcast”, a school radio equivalent of morning assembly, without a religious theme. My choice of subject was the United Nations International Year of the Child, which marked the twentieth anniversary of the 1959… Read more »

MOMO Wins Social Care Innovation Award in Northern Ireland

MOMO has just beaten 14 innovation projects to win the Safety, Quality and Experience Programme Award for best Social Care project within Northern Ireland’s South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust. Involving Looked After Children Project using the MOMO App wins the social care award @ SQE Event. Well done David — Ian Sutherland (@i_sutherland)… Read more »

How Technology Is Helping Children In Care

Today’s article headline is not ours. It belongs to Children & Young People Now. The reason we’ve borrowed it is that today they published a brilliant editorial on exactly that. How tech is helping children in care.

Welcome West Sussex, MOMO’s Newest Members!

Hello Suzanne and the West Sussex Children’s Social Care Team. It’s really good to have you with us. We’re looking forward to working with you as one of MOMO’s earliest adopters. West Sussex Join Service MOMO This last fortnight we’ve been busy welcoming our latest addition to the Service MOMO community: that group of trailblazing local… Read more »

Four Ways To Help LAC Young People Use The MOMO App

If you’re a MOMO Champion, or want to become one, these tips will help you get your looked after young people onto the app, expressing their views and taking a greater part in decisions about their care. 1. Know The Basics If you don’t know how the app works you wont talk confidently and inspire young people… Read more »