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Mind Of My Own sits at the heart of a strong community of support where practitioners come together to share and learn in the quest to develop truly child centred services.

We have spoken to numbers of different organisations throughout the world and have now internationalised the code base so that translation into any language is straightforward, making our apps more accessible to all children.

We are always looking to update and develop our apps. Our great customers help us to continually improve by sharing good practice and learning, providing feedback and taking part in co-production workshops.

We work with over 100 organisations across the world ranging from local authorities, voluntary organisations, schools, independent fostering and residential providers.

What our customers think


“Mind Of My Own is a big hit…The kids love it! They love that it is on computer. I have used it for a range of young people from SEN to CiC and Safeguarding. A big thumbs up – a great investment”

Elizabeth Quinn, SENDCo Designated Safeguarding Lead, Sunderland

“This young man has been moved around his entire life, he’s new to our service and the things we are finding out through Mind Of My Own are things no one knows about this child. It helps us adapt our services and we can build trust.”

Neil Heslop, Residential Manager, Cambian Group


“Mind Of My Own has been an invaluable tool in helping young people share crucial information about themselves through simple, incisive questions, helping them build stable relationships with their carers as well as share any problems they may have in order to have these resolved in the first possible instance.””

John Egan, National Director, Action for Children


“I used it with a young man who is 14 and autistic who I had not met before. He loved using Express on the phone. I got so much information from him. He was very talkative. I’m going to send him a Thank You card for using Mind Of My Own Express.”

Tracey, Social Worker, Gloucestershire


“We could spend five minutes [using Mind Of My Own], but that five minutes could be the most precious five minutes of the day. It’s five minutes they’ve done something amazing and it’s five minutes I’ve connected with them and that is very special.”

Helen Akers, Action for Children Residential


“Services to promote children’s participation are accessible, through… the Mind Of My Own apps… The young people really appreciate this in preference to the written documents that they used to complete.”

Ofsted: Gateshead Children’s Services Inspection Report



“My Of My Own has revolutionised our engagement with young people in care.”

Scott Crittenden, Early Help Worker, Medway

“As a Deaf Supervising Social Worker, I found this app a really useful tool to work with children and young people. It gives them some independence to put down their views and it is quite visual, so it does appeal to younger children”

Louise Pitchers, Supervising Social Worker, Manchester

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