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Workers Mind Of My Own

What is a worker account?
Worker accounts are available to workers in services that have subscribed to Mind Of My Own. We created worker accounts to allow you to use Mind Of My Own apps with children who do not have an email address to log in with. It also enables you to work alongside a child when you introduce Mind Of My Own, before they sign up for their own account.
How do I get a worker account?

You need to be working for an organisation that is subscribed to our apps. If your organisation is not a subscriber, you can contact us here.

  1. Sign up for an account here, selecting your organisation from the dropdown list.
  2. Your organisation’s Mind Of My Own Service Portal administrators will be notified by email that you have requested an account.
  3. They will check your credentials and approve your account.
  4. You will receive an email asking you to set up a password so you can begin using your account.
How do I use my worker account?
  1. Log in to your account here.
  2. Have a go on the built-in ‘Test Profile’.
  3. Create a profile for a child you want to co-use Mind Of My Own with, if you think they may not be able to have their own account.
  4. When you meet the child, see if you can sign them up to their own account here.
  5. If they sign up to their own account then you can co-use Mind Of My Own together on it then go to step 7. If they don’t then go to step 6.
  6. Access the child’s profile on your account. With the child, choose one of the scenarios.
  7. Co-use Mind Of My Own with the child. Let them be in control, choosing a scenario and creating their statement.
  8. When you’re done Mind Of My Own will send the created statement direct to you as a link in an email. Once it’s been sent you can download the statement from the link in the email or directly from the child’s profile on your account.

Your Mind Of My Own Worker Account Explained in under 2 minutes from Mind Of My Own on Vimeo.

Remember: it’s always better to sign a child up to their own account, if you can. That way they can use it any time, even when you’re not there.

I’m having trouble setting up a password
Click here to reset it. If you have an account Mind Of My Own will send you a password reset email. Use that to solve the problem. If you’re using an old version of Internet Explorer try copying and pasting the password reset link into a different browser like Chrome of Firefox.
I can’t find my service on the sign up page’s dropdown menu
Your service hasn’t joined Mind Of My Own yet. Contact us to find out more about how your organisation can start using our apps.
I’m having trouble signing up for a worker account
This could be because:

  • you already have a worker account – so your email address is already in use on it. Try logging in. Reset your passwordif you need to.
  • you’ve already used your email address to sign up to the Service Portal or you signed up for young person’s account by mistake. You will need to delete that other account.

How to delete your young person’s account: Log in here. Click on your profile icon in the top right-hand side, scroll down and select ‘click here to de-activate your account’. Follow the instructions. Your email address will then be ready to use with a worker account here.

I’ve signed up but my account won’t yet work
Your account may have not yet been approved by your organisation’s Mind Of My Own team. If it has been approved, you will have received an email. If it has been approved then hit this link to set a new password. If you can’t log in then your account still needs approval. Contact us or your organisation’s Mind Of My Own Service Portal administrator.
I’ve lost my password
Click here to reset your password. If you have an account Mind Of My Own will send you a password reset email. Follow the email’s instructions.

You won’t receive an email if you don’t have an account yet. If your organisation is subscribed to Mind Of My Own’s apps you can sign up for one here.

I’ve lost or can’t access the statement a child made with me
Log back into your worker account and navigate to the child’s profile. Click ‘My Mind Of My Own’ and navigate to the statement you want, then click ‘View’. On the next screen click the download button.
I need help with something else
Please get in touch via the form below


I am a young person

How do I get and use the app?
Download the app for AndroidiOS or use it online. Hit the ‘sign up button’.

If you need an email address then we recommend Outlook (for anyone) or Gmail (if you’re 13+)

Young Person One Walkthrough from Mind Of My Own on Vimeo.

Say what you want whenever you want into the One app.

When you’re done the One app will turn what you’ve said into a statement you can send to a person you choose. You might have social workers or other people whose job it is to help you. If you select their team when you sign up to the One app it will give you the choice to send your statement to people in that team. Mind Of My Own will let you know when your statement gets to them.

I'm having trouble logging in
Try using the web version instead at if you’re having trouble using the android or iOS app.

If you’re still not getting access, try resetting your password. Click here and enter your email address. If you have a One account Mind Of My Own will send you a password reset email. Follow the email’s instructions.

If you don’t receive an email in your inbox or spam folder then it means that email address is not in use on a Mind Of My Own account. Check if you signed up with a different email address or spelled it differently.

How do I use One app with my worker or other person?

Use One app with a worker or carer to make it easier to talk about difficult things, or to help you get things off your chest. It’s up to you what you want to say. 

You can use it on your own, then review what you’ve said with your worker. Or you can fill it in with them next to you.

I need help with something else
Please get in touch using the form below

I am a worker

How do my young people and I access the One app?
Your young people can have their own OneApp account. Download the app for AndroidiOS or use it online.

If your organisation has joined Mind Of My Own then you can also have a Workers account that gives access to the One app. Find out how to get one here. If your organisation hasn’t joined Mind Of My Own then contact us to find out more

Can I try a demo version?
If your organisation hasn’t yet joined Mind Of My Own then you can try a Demo Mind Of My Own account. Sign up for a demo account here.
How do I sign a child or young person up to a One app account?
It’s great if you can sign a young person up to the One app and co-use it with them straight away. Our research shows that when young people use the One app with a worker, they find it easier to talk about difficult things and are more likely to use it on their own later.

They’ll need an email address to sign up to their own One app account. Check if they have a personal or school one already. We recommend Outlook (for anyone) or Gmail (if they’re 13+). Have the young person download the app for AndroidiOS or use it online and hit the ‘sign up button’.

How do I sign up a young person to an Express account?
In your worker account, choose ‘Create Express account’. Fill in the child’s name and email address. the child will receive an email with a link and asking them to set their password. After that point you will not be able to see the child’s data unless they send it to you – you will not have access to their account. You will be able to see all the children who have an Express account, listed underneath your ‘profiles’ on the young people’s page of your worker account.
What's the difference between a One account and an Express account?
A One account is designed primarily for young people to use independently of adults – they can download from the app stores or access on a web browser, sign up for themselves and run their account any way they want, with complete control. An Express account is different because the Express app is purposefully designed for the benefit of young children and those with learning disabilities or additional needs and they can only have their own account if you as their worker enable that to happen. Once a child has their own Express account the functionality is reduced in that they can only send to the worker who set up their account.

I am a parent or carer

How does my child access the One app?
They can download and sign up for the One app for AndroidiOS or use it online.

Your child will need an email address to sign up for a One app account.

Can I try a demo version?
Try a Demo One App. Sign up for a demo young person’s account here.


How do I access Express?
Express is accessible via your worker account, if your organisation has subscribed to the app. Sign up for a worker account here.

If you organisation hasn’t subscribed to Express then contact us to get a subscription.

How do I log in?
Log in to your worker account through the worker gateway at

You can log in on any device, including your work computer. Express is best used with children on a tablet or laptop.

How do I use Express with a child or young person?

Login to your account at and create a profile for the child. You can use the profile now or come back later.

When you’re with a child you want to use Express with select their profile. You’ll see some options. Choose either One or Express (if your organisation has signed up for it).

Click the Express icon and start using it with your child. Use it together to guide your conversation, creating a record of their views. Talk with the child about what you are seeing. Express works alongside other communication tools.

You can also use the ‘Create New Express Profile’ option in your worker account to send a linked Express account via email for your young person to use at a distance.

My child and I haven’t completed an Express statement - what do I do now?
You have two options:

  1. Come back and complete it later. As long as you have an internet connection Express saves what they have entered so it’s ready for when you return.
  2. Send the statement. This saves the answers onto a pdf and sends it to your email.
Can Express be downloaded?

No, Express is only available via the web browser. For worker:
Young person:

Can I use Express offline?

No. You will always need an internet connection. This helps keep the data your children enter into Express secure by avoiding storing it on your laptop or tablet.

I need to get a child’s Express statement that they made before

Log in to your account and navigate to the child’s profile. You will see previous statements listed there.

I need help with something else
Do the Express statements need to be assigned if a worker has set a young person up with an Express account?

No, because the Express account is set up through a worker account, the statement will still go directly to that worker.

Express is designed for direct work between you the worker and the young person, if they would like for their statements to be directed to someone else other than you, we would encourage supporting them with setting up a One App account. Alternatively, you can upload the statement to the young person’s case file and notify the individual they would like to direct their statement to.

Why is there an option to take a picture at the beginning and in the end?

The photo in the beginning is the photo that will be at the head of the young person’s profile.

The photo at the end is an opportunity for the young person to take a picture of anything else they would like to add to their statement. e.g., certificates, picture they’ve drawn, food they enjoy or hate etc.

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