A New Year and a new way for children and workers to MOMO


Picture of worker and children in Havering using MOMO Express

A Havering worker and young child using MOMO Express


We hope you had a happy New Year and are ready for 2017!

There’s some exciting changes to MOMO products and the website. Things look a little different but the changes are designed to make MOMO apps easier for you to use and get help with.

The original MOMO app is now ‘MOMO One’

You probably already know this but just in case, the original MOMO app is now called MOMO One.

Worker Accounts are now ‘MOMO for Workers’

If you work for an organisation that has joined MOMO you can now sign up and log into your own MOMO for Workers account at workers.mindofmyown.org.uk. This will give you access to MOMO One and MOMO Express (if applicable)  to use with your children and young people.

Bookmark workers.mindofmyown.org.uk on your computer and on your tablet or phone (add it to the home screen).

If you try to log in to your worker account through MOMO One it will guide you to MOMO for Workers.

When you’re logged in to MOMO for Workers you will be given the option to create profiles for children you work with who may not be able or want to have their own MOMO One account. When you see that child you can use their profile to start a co-use session of MOMO One or MOMO Express.

In summary: 
– access your worker account through MOMO for Workers in your browser at workers.mindofmyown.org.uk
– it gives you access to using One and Express (if applicable)
– children and young people can still access their MOMO One young people accounts on the android, iOS or web apps.

Talking about MOMO Express…

MOMO Express is live

Our new app for young people with a learning disability and younger children is live. For now, its a web app only which means you use it in your web browser.

Twelve local authorities have already signed up and eight of them are now live on Express:
– Havering
– Southern Trust
– Buckinghamshire
– Torbay
– Devon
– Sunderland
– Wolverhampton
– Bournemouth

If you’re in one of these areas then use Express to gather the views of any of your younger children or those with learning disabilities. Download your free guide to using MOMO Express here.

You can access MOMO Express through your MOMO for Workers account.