Digital Inclusion

August 7, 2020

Think more deeply

Digital inclusion is more important than ever right now. The pandemic and subsequent life changes have made many people reconsider their priorities and allowed people to pause and take a look at the world around them. This, in addition to movements such as Black Lives Matter, which was reignited in the United States and spread around the world, forced many to think more deeply about how the systems we have in place actually support us.

Many systems and processes that we have in place today were created decades ago or longer and were not predicated on consultation with people representing the whole population spectrum. Creating anything based on assumptions inevitably leads to the exclusion of people who are in any way different to the creators.

No idea is too big or is impossible

At Mind Of My Own, our apps have been designed from their very inception with over 2,000 young people throughout the UK to date. We know that when young people are involved in the development, our apps increasingly become more inclusive and better suited to achieve the goal of ensuring that all young people’s voices are heard and included.

Co-production at Mind Of My Own asks young people what is important to them and how that can be reflected in the app design and content. We believe that no idea is too big or is impossible because when you create a space for imagination and creativity that is when real innovation can happen. Rather than being buzzwords or tokenistic, diversity and inclusion are the basis of creation, enabling systems that benefit all and not some.