Included And Safe

September 25, 2020

Two new features

A year ago we started to think about our users, exploring ways we could use the apps to make young people feel safer and more included. Starting with co-design with young people, at the same time we had a series of conversations with accessibility experts, Ability Net and Recite Me. The result was the addition of two new features, which combined make up our project Included and Safe.

The Safety Link – young people can report in their own time and their own words that they feel unsafe, scared, or unhappy where they live. The Safety Link will alert their organisation in real time so immediate action can be taken for children who are voicing their concerns.

Recite Me feature – children and young people who do not have English as a first language are able to have a voice and have it heard by the right people at the right time. This also helps children with additional needs or learning disabilities, or those who just have to try a lot harder with literacy. We always aim to create fully accessible apps, but this feature has taken accessibility to a new level.

 Innovation in safeguarding practice

Included And Safe brings three firsts in safeguarding practice:

1. Young people who have English as a second language or who struggle to understand or use English can now have One app in their chosen language. For the first time they have a way to communicate that suits them and does not rely on interpreting services. They can use it any time they like to say if they are not safe or if they are unhappy.
2. Children with additional needs, or learning disabilities, have the opportunity to use One app without the presence of an adult. By using text-to-speech they can say what they want to say in their own space, at their own pace and in their own words.
3. Organisations and services can know straight away if a child they are working with is unsafe. At a click of a button the name of the child is displayed in a very clear way. This allows services to put their resources and support to exactly the right children at the right time to safeguard them.

A lifeline for young people

We could never have predicted how timely Included and Safe would be when the Covid pandemic set in and we experienced the first lockdown. Lots of the services using Mind Of My Own told us that with the new features our apps were an absolute lifeline for some of their young people

Watch this short demo video of Recite Me in the One app.

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