It’s all about children so why focus on data?

February 24, 2020

The link between data and safeguarding

How would you like to know in real time which children using your services feel unsafe, unhappy or unsettled where they live?

We are firm believers that data serves little purpose unless it informs practice. Mind Of My Own data is the evidence you need to transform practice and build resilient services; this blog explains how and explains the link between data and safeguarding children.

So much more than a survey or feedback tool

At Mind Of My Own we know that the child is often in a very good position to understand the risks they experience on a day to day basis; the apps support them in sharing that information with people who need to know.

Our apps are so much more than a survey or feedback tool, they are a smart way to receive organic, uncontrived and authentic feedback from a diverse range of children and young people. Additionally, they include the risk and resilience indicators you need to know about, which link the child’s lived experience to the data.

We are very excited to introduce a new feature that will very soon become indispensable, which is free of charge and will form part of a standard contract with Mind Of My Own: the Safety Link.

Essential real time data (Safety Link)

By the time children’s services data reaches the people who need it, it is out of date. The Mind Of My Own service portal’s Safety Link feature will allow teachers, practitioners and managers to know in real time the names of young people in their organisation who are feeling unsafe, unhappy or unhappy where they live.

For the very first time organisations will have this essential information at their fingertips, so they can target resources and services to exactly the right children at the right time and ensure they are safeguarded.

Most organisations are already using their Mind Of My Own data to truly understand the views of children and young people; some are also using it to target resources and improve services.  The connection between data and safeguarding may be one click of the Safety Link.