It’s good to have friends

March 8, 2019

Lovely message

Last week we received this lovely message from our friend and colleague Lyn at Gloucestershire Council, where she is the Participation Officer for Children and Young People. Coming in the middle of our enforced rebrand, Lyn’s message helped us keep a great sense of perspective in dealing with what was a pretty tricky week.

I’m sure the last few days have been really hard and it’s been a tough decision to rebrand, to think how to do it and communicate it across to everyone.
It must be disheartening to change the MOMO brand.
I just wanted to thank you for all you are doing and when it’s difficult remind yourself of the children and young people that Mind of My Own are helping.
Below are some examples of how I know the Apps have been used in Gloucestershire. Please be encouraged!

Share Good News

  • A 16 year old young man used One app to tell his social worker that he had received an email about his work experience
  • A 17 year old young woman used One app to say that her new social worker had sent her a profile about herself so she knew about her, her dislikes and likes. The young person liked that she knew about her before she met her and that all social workers should do this. The statement went to the Head of Service as a suggestion about changing practice.
  • A student social worker met with a Participation Officer to go through the apps. The social worker then used the apps with 3 children that afternoon through her Worker account

Get ready for a meeting

  • A 21 year old young person used One app to say how she felt, give her views and that she wanted to talk about moving, her care plan and the future
  • A 17 year old young man who is UASC used One app to give his views before his review meeting and that he wanted his Foster Carer’s interpreter to be there

Worker Visit

  • A 12 year old young woman was introduced to the apps by her Contact Supervisor and she has used it several times to contact her social worker

Prepare for a Conference

  • A worker supported an 8 year old to use the One app through her Worker account and give their views for an Initial child protection conference
  • A 16 year old young woman wrote a detailed One statement for a child protection conference giving her views on all areas of her life and family.


Lyn Green – Participation Officer

Thank you Lyn and young people of Gloucestershire, it’s good to have friends!