Mind Of My Own apps are transforming practice in local Government

July 27, 2017

Mind of My Own (Mind Of My Own) is delighted to be named by Public as one of the top 100 companies transforming practice in local Government organisations.

Public intend to make the UK a pioneer of digital transformation by helping technology start-ups who are transforming public services. Their top 100 list details the leading GovTech companies beginning to transform the public sector.

“Public 100 list presents the UK’s most interesting product-led GovTech companies which have traction in the public sector. These are the companies that are transforming (rather than merely fine-tuning) government practices.”

We have been named alongside companies we admire like Liquid Logic, Future Gov and Citymapper. You can see the full list on page 17 here.

Mind Of My Own apps are transforming practice so that participation is a reality for all children and young people. Our apps help children and young people who use services have their voices heard by designing digital tools with end users in mind.