How we celebrated Social Work Week 2021

March 18, 2021

Inspiring stories and innovative practice

Last week care workers from across the UK came together to celebrate #SocialWorkWeek2021. Like many of you, we struggled to keep up with the inspiring stories and innovative practice being shared on webinars, videos, and social media.  Keen to join the celebrations, we took a dive into our data to identify the care and social workers who have used our apps the most in the last 12 months. The 20 most prolific users were ranked in our #MindOfMyOwnTop20 and we shared their names and organisations throughout the week from 8th to 12th March on twitter.

Top 20 care workers

There are over 30,000 frontline workers using Mind Of My Own in their direct work with children and young people from Devon to Aberdeen City which gives you an idea of how impressive it is to be named in the top 20. It’s something that has to celebrated! These top 20 care workers have combined to evidence the voice of children and young people over 1,200 times using our apps – we couldn’t be prouder. But there can only be one winner. One worker who used Mind Of My Own to capture the child’s voice more than anyone else.

The winners

Congratulations again to Tracey Mears from Gloucestershire Children’s Services!

It was excruciatingly close at the top, but it just wasn’t to be for second place Katrina Darroch (Aberdeen City) and third place Louise Pitchers (Manchester Children’s Services).

Well done

Congratulations as well to the following organisations who each had frontline staff featured in the #MindOfMyOwnTop20 workers:

  • Manchester Children’s Services
  • Aberdeen City
  • South Lanarkshire Council
  • Nottinghamshire Children’s Services
  • Together for Children
  • Medway Towns
  • Lancashire Children’s Services
  • West Sussex Children’s Services
  • Northumberland Children’s Services
  • Coventry Children’s Services

Well done everyone and big thanks from the Mind Of My Own team to all front line care and social workers for doing such a fantastic job all year round.