Using Mind of My Own in a Child Protection Conference

December 18, 2019

We are very pleased that Mind Of My Own apps continue to be used effectively in all areas of social care. Recently we heard a great example from Gloucestershire, where they are making a concerted effort to use the One app in Child Protection Conferences.

A Family Support Worker (and Designated Safeguarding Lead) from a Primary School attended a department meeting where she found out about Mind Of My Own. She immediately recognised how valuable it could be with a young girl she works with. The child she had in mind has always been reluctant to engage with any workers or teachers, which makes it very difficult to hear her views on what is going on at home. She knew this young person had a Child Protection Conference coming up, and hoped that by using Mind Of My Own her voice would be heard.

She went back to her school and introduced the One App to the young girl, who agreed that it would be an easier way for her to share her views. The worker supported her to ‘Prepare for a Child Protection Conference.’ The girl gave her views about what was happening at home, how she felt with each parent, the impact this was having on her and her sister and what she wanted. She was very honest and used the prompts in the app to elaborate on her views.

They then sent the ‘Prepare for a Child Protection Conference’ statement to the Participation Team, who shared the statement at the Child Protection Conference.

 “It was unanimous that the girls were made subject to Child Protection plans and her views were identified as the main evidence for threshold being met by professionals. I have to say, despite having read them several times prior to conference, I felt very emotional reading out how things have impacted on her.

I am really pleased that the family support worker is on-board with Mind of My Own as it is such a fabulous tool for gathering children’s views for Conference.”

– Child Protection Chair

Having a clear and thorough understanding of how this young girl in Gloucestershire feels has had a powerful influence on her outcomes.

This is just one of many examples we receive that demonstrate how Mind Of My Own apps allow children and young people to share their views. Our apps give children and young people a voice in many different situations – from child protection conferences to looked after reviews, from front door, early intervention work through to return home interviews.

For more information on how Mind Of My Own can help the young people using your services, simply request an info pack here.