Not Superheroes but we will keep flying…

March 4, 2019

We love what we do!

We are not superheroes, just a passionate and utterly determined team of people. We love what we do and because we know we make a massive difference in children’s lives, we also know we can achieve anything we put our minds to and we don’t mind hard work.

Fake news

You will no doubt be aware that we were thrown a curved ball last week. The so called momo challenge hoax stole our nickname. This story that started as fake news has been bubbling away under the surface for the last seven months and we hoped it would go away but it didn’t. So we took a decision on Tuesday night that we would completely rebrand and we would aim to complete the majority of it within three days!

Three day rebrand

We worked round the clock with our fantastic partners who are just as committed as us we are, with Neontribe working on the apps, Roundbrain on design and Metadeck on our website. The whole of Team Mind Of My Own worked flat out through the constant stream of fake calls, messages saying ‘I want to die’ and sweary emails, some of which required Google translate before we could work them out!

But we did it all in a three day rebrand. Customers have begun receiving updated posters and literature they can start to share and the updated web apps will be coming a week today with the native apps only a week later. Our website is work in progress but all references to our previous nickname have been removed (we think!).

Messages from our community and friends

We didn’t mind the lack of sleep or time to eat because the very best bit was the constant stream of messages from our community and friends through all our comms and social media channels. We simply have to share some of them with you as they kept us going.

I’m so pleased to see you standing up resiliently on this. Great response – bet you have some good practice on nimble governance, great risk mitigation and rapid comms to share in future. Keep flying! New logo would look great on a superhero. (Chris)

Such a shame that Mind Of My Own, such a wonderful company and doing such great work has been marred by such a stupid fad. Onwards and upwards though guys! (Simon)

So pleased to hear BBC Breakfast tell people that horrible image is fake news. Your App is so important to young people and the new branding is fantastic!!! (Child Protection Scotland)

Well done you guys! It must have been a nightmare to be associated with something that couldn’t be further from your value base or mission (Colin)

Awesome new logo guys and super impressed with how you’ve turned this round! (RAP in Birmingham Children’s Trust)

Been thinking of you guys last few weeks. All local authorities should be using and promoting mind of my own. Good luck with the rebrand (Donna)

A brilliant app having to rebrand to keep our children safe. (Julie)

A clear message with this rebranding: Mind Of My Own is and always has been a force for good in safeguarding children (Birmingham Children’s Trust)

Good luck with the rebrand. You have a good product, designed to do good and doing it! (Andy)

I’ve worked with the mind of my own app as part of a previous job. It makes me sick to think that the amazing image of MOMO has now been given this bad image. I know you guys are doing a fantastic job of rebranding to make this service amazing again (Luke)

MOMO) app that is for children and Young people in care/ edge of care that allows them to communicate with their social workers etc. It’s been around for a few years and is brilliant . This other one is trying to take away all the hard work it does (Sian)

I’ve just seen your updates on LinkedIn about your unexpected rebrand in light of the MOMO uproar. Just wanted to say it’s very sad that you’ve been hit by this, and fair play to you and the team in responding so quickly and bravely. Onwards, upwards and come out stronger. (Simon)

I have no links to yourselves aside from knowing that children at the Trust use your platforms. I have followed your rebranding though, and also supported rebranding myself in previous roles. I just wanted to pass the message on to you team, as an outsider looking in the turn-around has been phenomenal!

Congratulations to each and every one of the you for rebranding so quickly, for securing great designs and for it appearing so smooth – I’m sure it didn’t feel that way to you! (Harriet)

I wanted to say a personal thank you on behalf of the whole team for taking the time to send us your best wishes. Harriet is completely right and the best way to describe it was frenetic and relentless but we got there. Now back to the day job….

Jill Thorburn