Time is Money

April 4, 2022

Time Is Money

The idea behind the quote by Franklin is in the end, time is just like money; we have a limited amount of both. If we use them wisely the returns are greater. But what has that got to do with hearing children’s views?

Saving time

We know that hearing and recording children’s views are a fundamental part of teachers’ and social care professionals’ roles. It’s time to move away from sitting typing up notes, but how much time can be saved? Well, 8 days a year for each social worker if their children are only using the digital participation tools for statutory functions. That soon adds up and these are real tangible savings.

Speaking their language

If only you had a tool that was available in other languages for young people who have English as a second language, how much could you save on interpreters? At £25 per hour that can mean a significant saving and young people will feel much more included and have a much greater sense of being heard. The Recite Me accessibility toolbar on our digital participation tools makes sure they are available in over 100 languages, many of which are text to speech in case the young person needs some help reading. This means that the young person can see the apps in their language, and you receive the information in English and the child’s voice is captured.

Saving Costs

We consistently receive feedback that our apps help social workers to enable children and young people to open up and share their views, leading to:

  • A greater knowledge of the child, their views, wishes, feelings, likes and dislikes.
  • Better matching of placements.
  • Confidence in making permanency decisions.

Mind Of My Own apps help me work with young people that otherwise would not engage in any direct work or communicate their true wishes and feelings. It has truly inspired some of the children to be bold and confident. Things that otherwise would have remained secret have been revealed. It has built trust, confidence and sense of respect and real participation. Luke disclosed his true feelings and wishes about his placement that really wasn’t working for him and we were able to make a move before crisis occurred. He is happy and settled and doing really well now. Ahmed.