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The Promise: How do we empower children’s digital participation

Voice of the child at the heart of service reforms

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What’s In A Name?

Mind Of My Own’s Worker Account is essentially a digital space for people who work directly or closely with children and young people.

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The Importance Of Co-Design

At Mind Of My Own, we are always listening to understand your needs. Whether you are a social care worker, a school teacher, or belong to a team working closely with children and young people - we love to hear about your experiences.

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Did You Read Those Terms and Conditions?

We’ve all done it. Downloaded an app, signed up for an online account, or visited a website, and then agreed to the cookies settings, privacy policy, or terms and conditions without taking the time to read them.

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Empowerment through Digital Inclusion

What is digital inclusion? Digital inclusion is about ensuring the benefits of the internet and digital technologies are available to everyone.

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Help for unaccompanied asylum seeking children

If a child is seeking refuge or has refugee status, governments must provide them with appropriate protection and assistance to help them enjoy all the rights in the Convention.

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