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6000 Voices

Since SHOUT's first sale in 2021, Mind Of My Own's service feedback tool has developed by leaps and bounds. February 2024 has hit the remarkable milestone that SHOUT has gathered the views of over 6000 responses from young people across the UK, Europe and New Zealand. A figure that is expected to double by the end of the year and grow exponentially year on year. Utilising Mind Of My Own's depth of knowledge of capturing the voice of the Child, SHOUT is increasingly seen by local authorities and youth organisations as the go-to choice for collecting large-scale feedback from young people.

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Voxcon 2024 is here…

The arrival of spring spells excitement at Mind Of My Own. Not because the days are getting longer or Easter eggs fill the shelves (of course this is great nonetheless!)’s because it means our annual conference - Voxcon - is just around the corner!

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Our Community Manager, Henry, answers a few quick questions on What to Expect from our upcoming co-design sessions

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Participation in Children and Young People's Mental Health: An Essential Guide aims to break down the historical challenges surrounding children and young people's mental health (CYPMH) participation.

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10,000 Children’s Voices

What do ten thousand even children look like? It’s about 385 school classes of children or 143 double-decker buses filled with children.

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Children's voices lead the way in Wales' child protection reform

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