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Kindness: A quick recipe for wellbeing

Less than two months into 2024 and the familiar trend of struggle dominates the news and moods of communities across the world. And with less social activity and daylight during this time of year, wellbeing is left particularly vulnerable, leading to spikes in Seasonal Affective Disorder and depression rates across age groups.

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Our Community Manager, Henry, answers a few quick questions on What to Expect from our upcoming co-design sessions

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Winter's chill can dampen our moods and health, but we at Mind Of My Own have decided to kick those winter blues to the curb. With our Team Walking Challenge, we're doing more than just bundling up against the cold; we're turning it into a chance to lift our spirits and get fit as a group.

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Education, New Zealand & Australia

Back to School for New Zealand and Australia

As January draws to a close, our community in Australia and New Zealand are gearing up to go back to school.

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‘…and we’re listening cos we got Mind Of My Own.’

Last Friday, the Mind Of My Own team was called into a meeting for a special surprise from North Yorkshire, turning our day into something extraordinary

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A Christmas blog around wellbeing and mental health

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